Flower Of The Year 2017: Daffodils

Flower Of The Year 2017: Daffodils

Daffodils, a spring-blooming, self-propagating perennial, originated in Europe, predominantly Spain, Portugal, France and Austria, where they are native to meadows and woody forests.  Some naturalized in Great Britain where they were introduced between 1400-1600 during the Roman occupation. From there, narcissus bulbs were introduced to North America by pioneer women who made the long ocean voyage to America to build a new future.  Given limited space for bringing personal goods, they sewed dormant daffodil bulbs into the hems of their skirts to plant at their new homes to remind them of the gardens they left behind.  The remnant ancestors of those bulbs still persist today in older gardens in the eastern half of the US, making them a part of our heritage for over 300 years!

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